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Frequently Asked Billing Questions

I have never been to UCL, why am I getting a bill?

You may not have visited any of our lab sites, but a specimen may have been submitted to UCL by your physician/health care provider. Your insurance information was provided to UCL by your provider. It is important that your provider has your current information.

I received a bill from a collection agency, who can I pay?

Either UCL or the collection agency.

I have already paid my co-pay at the doctor's office, and I am getting charged again from UCL. Why am I paying for this again?

Your plan may have a provision requiring co-pay for each provider. Contact your insurance company to confirm coverage.

I have already received a bill from Pathology Associates for my pap, why am I getting another bill from UCL?

The bill from Pathology Associates is for the interpretation of the pap. The bill from UCL is the processing of the pap.

What are Coinsurance, Copayment, Deductible, and Excluded Services?

Refer to your health plans website for a glossary of terms.

What methods of payment are accepted at UCL?

Major credit cards, debit cards, check, cash, or money order.