Available Wellness Testing

Self Ordered Tests are laboratory tests that do not require an order from a clinician.
Pay by cash, check or money order. The results are mailed to you.

Downloadable Brochures and Requisition

Tests You Can Order:

  • Wellness Panel A (885) (12 hr fast)* — $15.00

    • Lipid panel
  • Wellness Panel B (820) (12 hr fast)* — $22.00

    • Lipid panel
    • Glucose
  • Wellness Panel C (821) (12 hr fast)* — $32.00

    • Lipid panel
    • Glucose
    • CBC
  • Wellness Panel D (822) (12 hr fast)* — $38.00

    • Lipid panel
    • Basic Metabolic Panel
      Includes: Glucose, Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, Total CO2, Calcium, Creatinine, and BUN
    • CBC
  • Wellness Panel E (813) — $16.00

    • Hemoglobin A1c
  • Urine Pregnancy (Beta hCG) — $25.00

*12 Hour Fast:
Fast for 12 hours prior to blood collection; avoid caffeine products and alcohol. People who are fasting may have sips of water and take medications with water on their normal schedule.

When You Come

Be ready to provide your full legal name, mailing address and date of birth. Know your allergies, for example latex, etc.

Interpret Your Lab Test Results

Visit Lab Tests Online for help in understanding a laboratory report, or for learning more about specific laboratory tests.