Patient - Frequently Asked Questions

Will the lab call me with the results?

The clinician will be responsible for contacting you with results, not the lab.

May I have a copy of my lab results?

Yes, please complete the following Authorization Request Form and results will be provided to you.

May I visit the Dyersville lab for lab tests ordered by my Dubuque doctor?

Bring your lab order with you, or for Medical Associates doctors the order should be in the Medical Associates electronic medical records system.

My doctor says to be fasting for this lab draw. Can I drink coffee that morning?

Have nothing to eat or drink except water and regularly scheduled medication for approximately 12 hours prior to the test. Coffee is not permitted.

What hours are you open, and do I need an appointment?

There is no need to make an appointment. Click here for drawing sites and their hours of operation.

Do you perform paternity DNA testing?

No, we do not offer paternity testing at this time.