Careers at United Clinical Laboratories

Career Opportunities

Employment opportunities at UCL are wide-ranged including the traditional laboratory positions: Medical Technologists/Clinical Lab Scientists, Medical Laboratory Technicians, Cytotechnologists, Histotechnician, and Phlebotomists.

UCL also offers many nontraditional laboratory careers including: information technology, human resources management, materials management, marketing, accounting, and medical billing. UCL wages, salaries, and benefits are more than competitive, following an administrative philosophy of matching and maximizing employee total compensation with available financial resources.

UCL has a strong commitment to continuing education including tuition reimbursement and support for transition from one position to another.

How do I join the UCL team?

Current job postings can be viewed at Access UCL Jobs. See current UCL job openings.

United Clinical Laboratories is an equal opportunity employer. Minorities, veterans, and individuals with disabilities are encouraged to apply. United Clinical Laboratories makes all employment contingent upon the completion of an employment application and satisfactorily completing an employment medical evaluation. United Clinical Laboratories offers a drug-free work environment, as well as a tobacco-free work environment, in coordination with the Iowa Smokefree Air Act (